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International Art Market - Program in English

Become a player in the globalized art market

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The players in the globalized art market

An expanding and diversifying art market

The art market is experiencing a series of record-breaking sales that the media regularly highlights. This expanding market encompasses not only Europe and the United States but also emerging new territories. It has become truly global. The art market is not just expanding; it is also diversifying continuously. From traditional painting to street art and a multitude of collectibles such as vintage comics, famous correspondences, celebrity costumes, and even Star Wars figurines – collectors, private or public investors, and enlightened enthusiasts continuously invigorate a market where the key word remains shared passion.

An endless source of employment

This international openness, increasing complexity, and the proliferation of specific markets generate a plethora of professions: gallery owners, auction organizers, fundraisers, art brokers, artwork curators, antique dealers, art advisors, luxury sector advertising directors, auction clerks, fair or exhibition organizers, design gallery directors, cultural patronage managers, and more. These professions are specialized in two ways: in their roles within the market and in the specific art in which they are involved. With new art forms like digital and urban art being added to the mix, the pool of job opportunities is inexhaustible.

A professional education

With the Specialized MBA in the International Art Market (MIA), ICART offers a professional education that combines theoretical knowledge (taught in English) with practical skills. This includes marketing strategies, digital strategies, and effective communication tools applied to the art market, as well as guided workshops on « expertise and commercialization of art and objects ». Students are already engaged as market participants. Additionally, students are assigned professional missions within companies, and a professional dossier related to their chosen specialization completes this training.

Transforming passion into a profession

Students who are passionate about the numerous art forms that are now part of the globalized market, who have a taste for negotiation, interaction, and transactions, and who aspire to international careers in commerce and the arts with high-level responsibilities, can enhance and professionalize their initial education through ICART’s Specialized MBA in the International Art Market. Pragmatic and specialized, developed in collaboration with industry professionals, this Specialized MBA meets the ever-evolving demands and opportunities of a vibrant market, at the heart of aesthetic values.


Nicolas Laugero Lasserre - Director of ICART
Philippe DANJEAN - Coordinator of the Specialized MBA International Art Market

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